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This page is for information which will attempt to answer questions you may have concerning the use of this website. If it's in red, it's very important! Most sites refer to this as FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions. Since most of us are ex-Navy men, the term, "Now Hear This!", is more appropriate. If you have any suggestions for this page please email them to me: Contact "Ski"
Q. How can I get a picture put on the picture pages?
A. Just email them to the "Ski",webmaster, and remember to include a description, year or names as appropriate. Please keep your pictures less than 50 KB (kilobytes) in size. Larger images take longer to load and will discourage visitors from viewing them. Images over 50 KB will not be accepted as of this date, 09/08/03.

Q. What size are my pictures?
A. To find the size of your picture, right click on the image then select "Properties". The size will be displayed in thousands of bytes. 50,000 bytes=50 KB, etc..
Q. How do I make my pictures less than 50 KB?
A. There are many free sites that offer this service. The one I use is MY You can manipulate your pictures to reduce their byte size. This process does not make your image physically smaller. The process is self explanatory.

Q. How do I get a correction made on one of the pictures?
A. Let me know what it is you need correcting. i.e. name identity, year, etc.. Email me and remember to tell me the URL of the image. You will see the URL displayed on your tool bar when you run your mouse over the image. Most of the pictures are named 1157 followed by a sequential number. Example:
Q. I signed the Guestbook but my entry did not show up, what happened?
A. Sometimes you have to hit the "Refresh" button on your browser for your entry to appear. In any case, hit the "Submit Query" button one time only or you'll get multiple postings of the same entry.

Q. I made an error while typing my Guestbook entry, can I fix it?
A. No. But I can! Just notify me and I'll straighten it out. You may have noticed some changes to your enties already. I hate typo's and mispelled words! (If you find any, let me know.)